A Look Inside Sugar Addiction

A Look Inside Sugar Addiction is a series of excerpts from the original book & CD Series, Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It. This book is written in Interactive Self-Hypnosis, by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht, President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical Sports & Hypnosis Institute & Joseph Bohorquez, M.D., Medical Director.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Subconscious Mind Venturing

In all of my books, including this one, readers regress hypnotically & explore their meaningful history in their subconscious mind memory bank...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

Here are some questions they ask themselves as they venture inwards…

What did I enjoy doing?
What was I good at?
What made me happy?
What did I succeed at?
What obstacles did I overcome?
What made me feel great?
What stands out as supporting me?

This is a very powerful area in your subconscious mind and one worth mining. Once located, these will become motivators to keep you on course with managing your disorderly eating, addictions, as well as other goals. As you continue in this work, additional memories will come forward. Be sure to compile these mind gifts in your journal for easy access. Later on you will learn how to utilize these “in the moment.

Begin your meaningful experience memory collection in childhood. Locate at least one or two meaningful experiences and make a few notes about them. If negative memories come out, notice that you did survive these. Honor the memory and wash off any negatives in the theater of your mind. Your strengths will remain clean and clear. Go into your adolescent years and do the same.

If you are currently in your early adulthood or older, locate some memories for your collection. There are all kinds of things to look at. Some may be small, but very powerful nevertheless. The other day I was able to leave the supermarket with not one item of junk in my cart. That may appear small, but believe me, it was not.

What is going on in your life now that is meaningful? Take a moment to review your life as it is currently unfolding and look for some appropriate entries. Remember to place these in your journal. Your subconscious mind will note these as important, allowing you to attach them to other memories, moments or future happenings.

This TIME-LINE work will benefit you, so do take the time to explore and also be sure to add the additional mind gifts that will come to your attention as you work with this program. Take time to get to know yourself intimately. What were you like as a child? Practice some easy regression here and go back through the picture album of your mind to the time you were a child. Pick any age you prefer and describe what you see and feel from viewing this inner photograph.

The adolescent years are great areas to find individuality and success. Some things that you find here many only feel successful to the adolescent! Some may be family disrupters! Pick the first three that wave to you. Early adulthood is an area where personal balance can be located. Keep in mind that balance, like other self-assets are found on a spectrum. Sometimes things are small, but they are still representative of the asset. Success comes in all flavors. Some are personal, others may be family or business related. Take a moment to review the mind pictures, choosing those that have higher ratings for you personally.

Review your current life including today and locate some flags. They are all over the place, in all areas of your life. Some are small and some bigger. The size doesn't indicate the value, so inwardly smiling, choose the three you like the best.

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, President & Program Designer for Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at http://www.hypnosis-audio.com& http://www.sugar-addiction.comShe is the author of Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, Beyond Disorderly Eating...The Truth About Sugar, Bingeing & How to Stop, as well as The MindBody Fitness Boot Camp... Lifestyle Change Made Easy. She has also written & produced +350 audio CD's & mp3's. The websites include moderated discussion groups, ezines, library & a host of other educational tools for learning Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Visit the online Boot Camp & work directly with the author. Download a free mp3 each month


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