A Look Inside Sugar Addiction

A Look Inside Sugar Addiction is a series of excerpts from the original book & CD Series, Sugar...the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It. This book is written in Interactive Self-Hypnosis, by Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht, President & Program Designer, Sarasota Medical Sports & Hypnosis Institute & Joseph Bohorquez, M.D., Medical Director.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Connection

The number of patients who suffer with fibromyalia & chronic fatigue is quite extraordinary. As they work with my books & CD programs, they come to understand that they can make changes in their presenting symptoms by taking care of their nutrition, relaxation, emotions, thoughts & mindbody imagery...Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

The body cells are very intelligent and perform very intricate work. Few of us think about them in this way. We tend to take our body systems for granted and give little thought to what they do, what they need and our responsibility in all of this. If you cells could march off to the supermarket and get their own food, they most likely would do so because they are so intelligent. They certainly wouldn't sit and accept garbage if they could manage things themselves. Unfortunately that isn't the case, and so we are responsible for getting what they need and delivering it to them on some sort of a reasonable schedule.

When the body talks to us, it is important to listen. Patients with fibromyagia and chronic fatigue often have quite a bit of body talking going on. They also tend to have lots of sugar cravings. Much information can be gleaned in the personal assessment chapter of this program. As we learn to explore our own genetics, we can learn about the special needs of our cells. An excellent nutritional plan is key. You won’t be surprised to know that most people don’t have one. When the cells get what they need they tend to quiet down.

Remember that your cells are on duty twenty four hours per day. They need high level nutrition to do their work. Pretend for a moment that you are a heart cell. Every four hours you go to the door and look for your nutritional supplies. You also look for your water deliveries. Knowing yourself as you do, what would your heart cell have to say right now? While these are simplistic images, they do bring home the truth. I wonder what your cells talk about?

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, President & Program Designer for Sarasota Medical & Sports Hypnosis Institute located in Sarasota, FL & online at http://www.hypnosis-audio.com & http://www.sugar-addiction.comShe is the author of Sugar....the Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It, Beyond Disorderly Eating...The Truth About Sugar, Bingeing & How to Stop, as well as The MindBody Fitness Boot Camp... Lifestyle Change Made Easy. She has also written & produced +350 audio CD's & mp3's. The websites include moderated discussion groups, ezines, library & a host of other educational tools for learning Interactive Self-Hypnosis. Visit the online Boot Camp & work directly with the author. Download a free mp3 each month.


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